The Ewells, the Cunninghams, and the Robinsons are all social outcasts, yet some of these families act superior to others. Comment on the society outside of Maycomb's main society.

B White Hour #
03/11/2011 19:24

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A Johnson Hour 1
03/17/2011 09:58

The town of Maycomb reflects a prejudice society. All these people have become a social outcast for one of two reasons. One being where they are placed on the social ladder in the community. Two being if they have done, or associate with someone who has done, something that "Maycomb's society" frowns upon. A mockingbird is a symbol of innocence being destroyed by evil. Tom Robinson is one of the mockingbird's in this novel. He was a black man accused of rape. If you are accused of doing anything in Maycomb's society that the town considers unruly, then you are automatically treated as an outcast before even given the chance to redeem yourself. This was Tom's case. The people of Maycomb had never been exposed to an act of evil. That being said, they were dumb-struck when the situation arose.
Now to relate this to the outside world, you can't escape prejudice, but in a normal, larger society, evil is nothing new. The people don't accept breaking the law or any act of evil, but they don't treat those as outcasts. In the outside society, it is possible to live with consequence of doing something evil without becoming cynical or hopeless.

K Stringer Hour 1
03/17/2011 09:59

A great disadvantage to the Macomb society is social inequality. So many families in this community strive to be the best or at least be better than the latter that they forget what their town is based upon. When one person does something the town finds disorderly they are automatically "displaced" from the society. The black community in Maycomb, is put at a low social status because of their race, and sadly not even their great abundance or commendable qualities could shape the stubborn minds of Maycomb's prejudice society. Maycomb's main society is made up of the Finch's who are at the top of the social status. Next under their reign are the well-known townspeople, and under them are the Cunninghams', or the farmers. Below them are the Ewells', known for their detestable and shameful values. Because of their ignorance and lack of importance the Ewell's persecute Tom Robinson for rape. No matter if it's Maycomb's society or its main society, everyone's views will still be based upon prejudice society and fundamentally everyone's social status.

C Moss Hour 4
03/17/2011 10:50

The society outside of Maycomb's main society are those who don't "fit in" to say the least. They are outcast because of certain actions they took that were considered unacceptable to the main society. Though that's not the only reason those like Tom are set aside. People in general are judgmental. They make judgments based on appearance, wealth, background, reputation, and every other aspect of life. If you don't fit the paper cutout that the main society has set, you are the outcast. The Ewells, the Cunninghams, and the Robinsons don't fit Maycomb's paper cutout, but who is to say what that cutout should look like. Everyone has a different opinion so, to me, all of the society is an outcast in one way or anothePr

D Patrick Hour 1
03/17/2011 12:03

Even though all these families are outcasts, some think they are better than others. Like the Cunninghams act as though they aren't as bad as the Ewells. This shows that even in the lower classes of Maycomb County, there is social division.

S Greninger Hour 1
03/18/2011 09:39

The Maycomb society displays the essence of animosity and social inequality. By one unacceptable action, not even the greatest act of service or exemplary actions will ever give a person in this society a chance to redeem one's self. Because this is not possible, people in the community seek others who they consider 'morally' on a lower scale, in order to make themselves more content with their own placement on this harsh social ladder. After being 'thrown out' of Maycomb's main society, the Ewells, the Cunninghams, and the Robinsons form their own social status based upon each others previous wrong deeds. These actions displayed by the families create this 'outside society.'

D Whitehead Hour 1
03/18/2011 09:54

Maycomb's society is filled with prejudice. The Ewells, the Cunninghams, and the Robinsons are all not good enough for Maycomb's main society because of their previous actions. Examples would be when Tom Robinson was accused of rape or the immoral beliefs of the Ewells. These characters are automatically judged, taken out of the main society, and then begin to form an outside society that has just as many prejudice veiws as the main society.

C Simmons 1
03/18/2011 11:54

One downfall to the town of Maycomb is that there is a significant amount of dislike to those who are lower in social status or below the bottom level, such as the Ewells, the Cunninghams, and the Robinsons. These families are below the social rankings and put into a lower society of their own because of their actions that were deemed unruly by the upper class. Even the Cunninghams think that they are better then the Ewells, which in turn believe that they are better the the Robinsons, who are at the bottom becuase of their race. Overall, the society in Maycomb is prejudice throughout all levels.

T Kervian 4
03/18/2011 12:14

In the town of Maycomb some people feel they are better than others, although this feeling isn't always easy to pick out. Atticus tries to teach his children that they shouldn't judge some of the "outcast" families, but that doesn't change the entire society's view on them. The Ewell children repeatedly go to the first day of school and then never return for the rest of the year. Their family is ignorant. The Cunningham family is extremely poor. They frequently pay with excess food or other supplies. Despite these families' low standing in society, they, along with the rest of Maycomb, look down on Atticus for defending Tom Robinson. The Robinsons are only looked down upon because of their race, which was common in the time and location of this story.

Ashley Ingle 1st hr
03/18/2011 12:46

The society outside of Maycomb's main society of social inequality is made up of those who don't fit in.In other words,when one person does something that the town looks down apon or finds disorderly then that person becomes displaced from society.Also, social status plays a major role in the towns social ladder.For example, the Cunningham's are very poor and for that a lot of the towns people of Maycomb believe they are better than the Cunningham family.

E Cox 1
03/18/2011 13:53

The society outside of Maycomb's main society is one of prejudice and hate. Certain families are put on a lower social scale for their lack of wealth and moral belief. Families such as the Ewells are looked down upon because they rarely ever go to school, except for the first day of each year. The Cunninghams are judged because of the fact that they are very poor. And the Robinsons are deemed unequal to other families because their son, Tom, was accused of rape. Most families in Maycomb consider themselves better than the Cunninghams, Ewells, and Robinsons. This suggests that the main society of Maycomb is presuming and prejudice to the "outcasts".

C Hadley 1
03/18/2011 22:21

Prejudice is very present in the town of Maycomb. The Ewells, the Cunninghams, and the Robinsons are the lowest on the social class. They are so far down the social class that they are put into their own lower society. Their actions are the cause of this drop in popularity. The Cunninghams think that they are better then the Ewells, and the Ewells believe they are better than the Robinsons, but the Robinsons are the lowest because their son Tom was accused of rape. The society of Maycomb is filled with prejudice everywhere you look.

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