Name one major theme in the novel. In three sentences, discuss how you recognize the theme, and what you find in the novel that supports this idea. Remember, a theme is a SENTENCE, not a word. e.g.,  A theme might be "Love is blind", but it is never simply "Love". Your post is worth 20 points. It will be graded on completeness, mechanics, and correctness.

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A theme of the novel is Hate can warp. This theme can be found in the book when you start reading about the relationship between Dimmesdale and Chillingworth. Chillingworth has been so consumed by hate for Dimmesdale, that he is not even recognizable as the same person he was. He is a twisted, warped, evil version of the man he used to be, completely bent on revenge.

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In this book, i believe that one theme in this novel is that for every action there is a reaction. An example would be that John and Abigail have an affair and Elizabeth is hurt, and now doesn't trust him fully. So for John committing the act of adultery, he hurts his wife, and she doesn't believe him.

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WRONG BOOK!! SORRY!!!! I'll fix it

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A theme in "The Scarlet Letter" is that guilt will get you in the end. I recognize this theme in the way that a character that holds in all of his guilt throughout the novel will die in the end. I find in the novel that Dimmesdale holds in a tremendous amount of guilt inside him because he is Pearl's father. In the end, when he admits it, he dies as he exposes his chest to show a scarlet letter of his own.

09/20/2011 08:25

The theme could be, Love is sometimes blind, sometimes not. The relationship between Pearl and her mother is expressed quite openly, and it often includes the Red A on her chest, Pearl loves her mother, and a lot of the time, doesn't even care about the A, until her mother takes it off, then she shrieks!!

09/20/2011 13:12

A theme I've recognized in "The Scarlet Letter" is, things are not always what they seem. I see this as a theme with Pearl. Pearl is a young girl but yet she has intelligence and wisdom of someone much older. When Hester asks Pearl questions, Pearl's remarks make you think and wonder about her answer. I think a good example of Pearl's answer is when Hester notices Pearl gawking at the "A" on Hester outfit and after long periods of thinking about it, Hester asks Pearl, "who are you?" And Pearl's response was, "I am your daughter." Pearl knows this at such a young age and speaks flawlessly about it, leave you wondering how she knows. Things are not always what they seem.

09/20/2011 16:29

One theme of the Scarlet Letter is that your actions dont just affect you. In the book this is shown in how Pearl is treated by the towns people because her mother committed adultery. It is also shown in how Chillingworth is hurt so he is seeking revenge on Dimmesdale. When you do something you should think about how the end result could affect the people around you.

09/20/2011 20:10

"All have sinned" I think is a perfect theme for this book. After finishing the book the place where you will see it first is at the end when the minister comes clean. No one is perfect; not even a minister. You can also see it at the beginning when Hester is punished for Adultery by wearing the scarlet letter A. Everyone messes up. By the end of the day though, truth always wins.

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"Sin can kill if kept in the dark." I believe this is a good theme for this book. When the minister kept his secret until the end he was sickly and dying. Hester was grim most of the time and saddened when she saw the minister. But in the end everyone comes clean in their own way, the Scarlet letter A on the minister and Hester's chest.

Amber Rutledge
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A theme of this novel is sin is punished.
Every sin that happens in this book is punished one way or another. When you do something wrong, you have to be held accountable. Thats how the world goes around.

09/21/2011 10:08

I believe that a good theme for this book is that all humans are capable of hatred. When Hester walks around town, she gets many looks of contempt and such because of the Scarlet Letter. Even the minister hates Hester. That just goes to prove my point of why I believe that is a good theme for this book.

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"Creativity Creates Confidence". This theme is basically stating that even though Hester has to wear the scarlet letter A she is wearing it with some Class. She designed the A all on her own, because she loves to sew. Even though she is isolated in a small cottage all alone with Pearl, it comes off that no one likes her, but they love her work. They ask her to make their baby's clothing, and for funerals. It helps her put food on the table for her and Pearl and it gives her confidence.

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"Nobody is perfect" I think this is a good theme for this book. Not even the minister. Hester has to wear a scarlet letter because of her sin. Everyone is judging Hester, and they don't know that judging is a sin in it's self.

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"Everyone sins" is perfect theme for this book. Everyone one in the town judges Hester for committing adultery yet they are sinning themselves by judging. They are all supposed to be puritans but if you read the book you learn that everyone has sinned.

09/21/2011 11:32

"Hate twists you" is a theme in "The Scarlet Letter". In the beginning Chillingworth is already a deformed man. But his hate for Dimmesdale twists and warps him into something more hideous.

09/21/2011 13:16

A great theme for this book would be "Everybody sins". Not only did the town preacher sin, but so did Chillingworth, and Hester, and the governors. Everyone is trying to act like they're all high and mighty but they all have a hidden sinner side.

09/21/2011 13:19

A theme of this novel could be "Decisions today will affect tomorrow". This is shown by Hester Pryne committing the sin of adultery. Because of her decision she is judged by everyone and is forced to wear the "A". This will be with her forever and has effected her every day.

09/21/2011 13:19

One theme for "The Scarlet Letter" could be the very common "don't judge a book by it's cover." The people of the village look down on Hester and scorn her for her wrongdoings. It is not the job of the people to judge Hester for what she has or has not done, for her story is much deeper than what meets the eye.

09/21/2011 13:20

"all sinned" All sinned is a good theme for this book because throughout the book the reader realizes that she is not alone when it comes to sinning. In a community of puritans a lot of people have sinned without punishment.

09/21/2011 13:22

"No one is perfect" because the everyone in the story is sinning when there blaming others for sinning. there sinning themselfs

09/21/2011 13:26

"Revenge lies in everyone" would be a good theme for "The Scarlet Letter." Whenever individuals pursue their own revenge, they end up finding punishment for their motive or idea, as Roger Chillingworth discovers when Dimmesdale escapes his grasp. Hester Prynne hints at this whenever she asked Dimmesdale to forgive her for failing to reveal Chillingworth as his enemy. She replies when the minister lets go of the betrayal "Let God punish you! Thou shalt forgive!"

09/21/2011 15:18

A theme could be, Pride is blinding. Hester is so proud throughout the book, that she doesn't realize what is truly important to her. She is so stuck on her wounded pride that she is making very little to no attempt to be happy. She has let her wounded pride, control her.

09/21/2011 17:13

One possible theme for the "Scarlet Letter" is, love doesn't discriminate. Pearl loves her mother despite of the "A" on her chest. She sees past all of her mother's flaws. She realizes we area all human and we all make mistakes.

09/21/2011 17:22

One theme for the "Scarlet Letter"is the truth should always come first. The Reverend Dimmesdale doesn't admit this guilt with Hester so he has to live with the quilt. Why Hester can move forward with her life why he always has to life with the past and the consequences for not coming forward and paying for his crimes like Hester had to.

09/21/2011 17:54

One them in "The Scarlet Letter" is nothing is what it seems. The people see Pearl as a monster but she is a very intelligent creature. She knows things that other children don't. But when anyone asks her something to see if she knows what she needs to know. Pearl unsure of human contact other than her mother, she makes up stories so they will leave her be.

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The theme of The Scarlett Letter should be "it is what it is." Once you do something irreriversable thats that. You can change the future but not the past. Everyone is accountable for their actions.

09/21/2011 18:24

One theme for the "Scarlet Letter" is blood is thicker then water. When people were against pearl,Hester stood by her no matter what they thought. When she was a accused of being a demon child Hester stood by and defended her child.

09/21/2011 18:35

One theme for The Scarlet Letter Would be "Love covers flaws." An example of that would be the love Pearl has for her mother. Pearl looks past the letter "A" on her mother and often disregards it.

09/21/2011 19:35

"Lust is Tragic" is a theme in the Scarlet letter. If Hester got pregnant by someone who wasn't her husband, it means that her lust drove her to do some inappropriate things with someone. Her getting pregnant completely ruined her reputation and gave her many problems in her life.

09/21/2011 19:57

A good theme for "The Scarlet Letter" would be, "For every action, there's always a reaction." One example is when Hester was accused of adultery and she had to stand in front of the crowd to be looked down upon. Now, she has to wear the A on her chest for the rest of her life, so she will remember what awful sin she committed.

09/21/2011 21:10

I think the theme in this novel is “strong women” This novel shows several different cases in which women, considered the “inferior,” are proven to be powerful. One of the cases where this is proven is with Hester Prynne. She is willing to protect the man she loves from become publically humiliated by taking the fall for him. She as well keeps his secret for 7 years. On the other hand, the two male characters along with her (the lover and the husband) are both hypocrites and of lesser strength.

09/22/2011 06:40

One of the themes of the scarlet letter is, you should always tell the truth and take responsibility for your actions

09/22/2011 06:43

Even though Hester didn't want to wear the scarlet A, She did anyways because she knew she had made a mistake and she had to take responsibility for it. She knew that she had committed adultery, and that she had to wear the A with "pride."

09/22/2011 06:43

I think the theme of this novel is revenge in never the answer. Which you see in Chillingsworth because whenever you are vengeful it always comes back and hurts you in the end. When you seek revenge on someone nothing ever turns out the way you plan, and most things go wrong.

09/22/2011 06:56

I believe that in "The Scarlet Letter" a good theme would be, Evil is everywhere. Some people believe that Pear is the devils child. They seem to talk about the "Black Man" who they believe is the source of evil.

09/22/2011 08:04

The theme I found in the book is "things are not always what they appear." People see Pearl as a immature child, but in reality she actually is a very smart intelligent girl. She is always thinking and wondering about things and began to learn about Hester's situation and understood it fairly early on in her life. This makes you think how can she possibly know all this at her age? Things are not always what they appear to be.

09/22/2011 08:40

One of the themes I found in the book was Forgive and Forget. I say this because Proctor had an affair with Abigial and Elizibeth forgave Proctor for and and their still together. People make mistakes.

09/22/2011 08:44

Sorry that was the wrong book. A theme for the Scarlet letter would be that if you love someone you can look past there flaws and mistakes. For an example Pearls mother has an 'A' on her but pearl still loves her mom just as much and looks past her flaws.

09/22/2011 08:48

Original sin, and human nature:

If you believe that God is the creator, and abide in his word, then you believe that our humanness originated with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We can assume that although the marriage between Hester and Chillingsworth started as consensual, but from the beginning they were actually unequally yoked by their wedding vows.

09/22/2011 08:50

I think a theme I found in the book, "The Scarlet Letter", is that your own actions may not only hurt you, but also hurt your loved ones. Pearl was very affected by the actions of her mother. She was not even involved and yet she grew up corrupted and confused about her mother's mistakes. Hester's actions also hurt Chillingsworth, Hester's husband. Due to her actions, Chillingsworth grew mad and was seeking revenge on Hester and her secret lover. So, I think, no matter how much your own actions hurt yourself, you also have to think about the affect your actions have on your loved ones.

09/22/2011 11:57

For every action their is a reaction. When Hester opened her legs to the preacher it caused the sin of adultery to be placed on Hester. Raising Pearl in such an atmosphere caused her to be wiser and more out of control then a normal Puritan child. In keeping quiet the preachers guilt rises and causes his untimely death.

09/22/2011 13:24

A theme in, "The Scarlet Letter", is inner conflict within yourself. You see this many times in this book. But more than anyone you see it in Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. Who struggles with whether he should tell he is Pearl's father and be publicly humiliated or hold it in and let Pearl and Hester Prynne suffer.

09/22/2011 13:24

A good theme for this novel is "beware of lust". Hester was young and lustful and there were extremely negative repercussions that. Having Pearl is a blessing but the judgement from the community and everyone that surrounds her is going to effect her forever. As well as the title of adulterer that she will never be able to take away.

09/22/2011 15:08

I think the theme of "The Scarlet Letter" is nobody's perfect. Because Hester was a sinner for having Pearl out of wedlock. And because everybody judges her and humilates Hester, that shows that they are not perfect as well. Them judging her just shows that they are sinners and just as imperfect as Hester.

09/22/2011 18:54

The theme in the Scarlet letter is that things happen and you just have to move on from them. Because Hester had Pearl without being married and she is taunted for this. She doesn't just sit there and let it dwell on her. She still raises Pearl with no regrets.

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